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garden this morning


the sun has its hat on after a week of rain i was out at 6am takeing pics,the petunias I got for 50p that were dead but just needed a feed and water,I got three

the trees in next doors garden,they are oak trees plus a 30ft beech,lovely but no sun for me and I am going to cut some back

the pond david did for me,he took my best knife to undercut the lawn for the liner,its 3ft deep in the middle and he put ledges to plant on,thats my mums frog the only thing not stolen from her garden

And this I have no clue what it is but its pretty

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the garden is certainly coming on. a word of caution re the oaks and beech, hey may have TPO's on them and you may face a heavy ine if you do any work on them without permission. even if they are on your side of the garden. We have several trees in this category.

the pretty little flower is one of the fumitories. possibly the common fumitory i less than 18" tall or white ramping fumitory if it gets to a metre tall. related to the corydalis group.

27 Jun, 2021


Annoying about the trees, but as Seaburn says you have to make sure you are allowed first, before doing a drastic chop. I'd want that annoying piece gone too.
The pond will attract so much wildlife, the birds especially, but hedgehogs and frogs too, provided you have access through your fences so that they can get in. My neighbour put in a wildlife pond then fenced it off with netting completely to stop his dogs getting into it, until I told him he needed to lift the wire at the bottom to allow the frogs etc., in.

27 Jun, 2021


ty seaburn ive seen the council and they are not protected,I jut want the one branch gone I usualy leave trees alone as I like them but im worried about it breaking I have realy high winds here ,and the little flower is now 5ft and i do like it.
hello honeysuckle I hope to attract loads of life I just got some pond weed today and ive got pond lettuce comeing soon,no worries about maisie going near the water it looks too much like a bath.
im going to put hosta and fern around the edge

27 Jun, 2021


Good news bout the trees! I think a little trim would be nice for you to gain some light or sun in your garden.
Your progressing well in the garden too, loving your pond. It sounds like you’re quite excited about planting it up and all the wildlife visitors. Look forward to seeing more of your pics!

27 Jun, 2021


Your pond is looking good, L'bug and when you get it planted I am sure you will have lots of visitors. I think nothing uses our teeny-tiny pond but I keep finding froglets in my plant troughs so presumably it get used at some point! I do like your Mum's frog!

28 Jun, 2021


ty kate123 had a look at the pond today and there is a water beetle in already,ty anget I have to say im not a garden ornament person and def not gnomes,when mum died someone came in the night and took everything, but being black they missed the frog

28 Jun, 2021


There are some very mean people about. I'm sorry to hear that.

28 Jun, 2021

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