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A bit at a time


since haveing the covid I dont have a lot of energy so 15min gardening at a time,im doing a curvy lawn im not keen on straight lines.and the shed i got for mothers day from b&m.
do check your wood if getting one of these they are left out in all weather and its fibre bourd

I would like edgeing but not sure what I want brick would be nice
nearly forgot there are big black bumble bees in my garden does anybody know anything about these

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You are right curved shapes are so much better,a brick hedge will be a great idea ,maybe similar of the one of your house ,a nice rusty metal hedge can look great too.
Hope you feel better soon

10 Apr, 2021


ty mossy,i want a garden that is as good as yours i love secret gardens,im not keen on lawns so Im wanting lots of beds

10 Apr, 2021


Thank you Ladybug,yes like you I do love a secret garden aera as a are right grass in a small garden is not the best......take care of you self and as you say... a bit at the time

10 Apr, 2021


Hello Ladybug, I do hope you are starting to feel a bit better. I’m sorry I didn’t realise your were poorly. I, myself, had covid recently, I understand how you have been feeling.
Sending you best wishes and hopefully you will build up strength and your health in the coming months.

10 Apr, 2021


Sorry you have been unwell Ladybug, my daughter in law and son both had the virus, Gary got over his within a couple of weeks but Vicky was completely different, she was poorly for a long time and took months to get her energy back again, you are right to do things in easy stages, simply not worth wearing yourself out, the main thing is to enjoy what you are doing, ...X

10 Apr, 2021


Hi ladybug, did the black bees have a red bum if so they are red-tailed bumble bee and they are out and about now making new colonies. But there are lots of bumbles so it could be one of many. According to a bee book there are 27 species of bumble bee in the UK. Many are black and yellow, but there are a other few black ones.

10 Apr, 2021


ty all for the care,the bees were all black seaburn and looking at my lawn i will look them up anything to encourage wildlife

10 Apr, 2021


It must be very hard gardening when energy is in short supply, Ladybug. Hopefully it will improve as the season moves forward.

11 Apr, 2021

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