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i have just bought a polytunnel, and i intend to use it purely as a greenhouse and was wondering what the best way of keeping it warm till the frost are completely done, i am not sure wether to use a parafin heater, little worried bout any possible damage, any ideas



Parafin heaters are not the best, condensation and fumes. Also as you already state open flames can cause damage. If you can get electricity to the tunnel a greenhouse fan heater is best. Work out beforehand the size you will need.

31 Jan, 2010


the only reason I would not have a parafin heater is the price of parafin, the plants benefit from the fumes as moste plants thriveon carbonmanoxiced,for instance if trees did not breath it we would have a lot less oxegen,a parafin water heater is safe '' there is no naked flame on any of them, but the water heater is very constant, everyone today goes for electriciity, I am shore they are grate ,but water is about the best conductor there there is, as a young man a nabour of mine bosted about his all electricit greenhouse his job was manager of the electrictions in a large steel works, so he should know about the stuf, it killed him, sorry doctor BobI have to disagree on this one,

1 Feb, 2010


Cliffo, you have got your oxides completely mixed up. Carbon monoxide is highly toxic and poisonous to humans and animals and most plants. We breathe in Oxygen and breath out Carbon Dioxide. Arjohnson I will PM you a more complete answer later today.

1 Feb, 2010


doctorBob, I was trying to do two things at once ,but you knew what I ment, but saying that parafin heaters cause more condensation and that they have exposed flame ,shows that you have no experance of one has yet improved on the parafin radiator greenhouse heater, and the only reason people in the profesion switched to electric was for labour saveing,and profesionals put the electric's in tell me have you got a power point or wall switch in your bathroom, people do not give it enough respect,as I said the only reason I would not have parafin is the price,

1 Feb, 2010

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