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Great photo, i have just joined and would like to ask, how many stalkes should the fan palm have, i have just bought two and there are 4 stalks comming out of the pot on both of them,
its about the same size as the one in the photo.

should i grow them on a bit before planting them out ?

any advise would be welcome !!

thank you


On plant washingtonia robusta



I don't know what photo you're referring to, Woody! Washingtonia robusta is only hardy down to 10 deg C, so you will need to keep them inside until spring. They are fast growers, so should have put on a good bit of growth by the end of summer.

1 Feb, 2010


Thank you very much for your comments,
I have an electric fan heater on a frost guard setting in the greenhouse.

could i possibly send you a photo so you can see what i mean by four stems ?

Thanks again,


1 Feb, 2010


You can post a photo with a question, or upload it into your Photos in your profile page - just let me know you've posted it if you put it in your profile photos and I'll have a look at it. I'm sure they're fine with four stems, if they're fairly young, they'll soon grow on.

1 Feb, 2010

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