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can you grow veg in a polly tunnel

United Kingdom

even if there is ice outside and i dont have heating in there



its the best place to grow it

6 Jan, 2009


absolutely,best place for them,with this kind of weather

6 Jan, 2009


Yes, make sure there is no frost inside, if so scrape it off and put it outside.
Peas, Lettuce, Onions and Cabbages are all safe to sow. Cover with polythene until they come up.
Watch out for mice etc.

6 Jan, 2009


A good book on this is "Four season harvest" by Eliot Coleman. He grows all year around in Maine USA. Might give you some insights. Made me want to do it here in Georgia (zone 7-8) when our growing season is long to start with. Good luck!

6 Jan, 2009


i think that somes it up

6 Jan, 2009


If your poly tunnel has plenty of space, you can improve the temperature by making a heated area with fresh horse manure.
Mark out an area say 6ft. by 6ft., dig off the top spit laying it round the edges. Dig out 2 more spits to a depth of 2ft. 3ins, put the sub soil on outside area as a top dressing.
Fill up the hole with horse manure 18"ins. deep, tread in well and cover with the top soil. You can then start many seeds in trays and it will still be warm enough to start tomatoes and cucumbers in late March.

6 Jan, 2009



6 Jan, 2009

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