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If I have my sprinklers going on at 5:45am, will this prevent my anuals from getting frost bite? Will the frost kill my plants completly? How cold does it have to get for frost to freeze my plants.



Annuals suffer when the temperature gets down to about 5 degrees and under. If it hits zero, they will most probably die unless in a VERY sheltered position, when a few might survive. I don't think that your idea of putting your sprinklers on is very helpful: how do you know at what time the coldest time of the night will be? It won't necessarily be at 5.45 a.m. Also, if you over-water them, the roots may well rot! Why don't you watch the weather forecast and cover them with fleece if frost is forecast?

28 May, 2008


I don't know what state you are from, but the concept you describe is used in Florida for citrus groves, fern nurseries and strawberry fields. On the night of a prolonged freeze (temp below 32 F for over 4 hours) sprinklers are left on all night. It causes a coating of ice over the foliage, holding the temp at 32 degrees. Whatever would survive at 32 F for a few hours will therefore survive the entire night. Even when temps drop into the 20's. Even fern and strawberry plants. But that is for a prolonged "hard" freeze. Frost is more easily handled by tossing the contents of ones' linen closet over the entire garden........

29 May, 2008


cont'd Frost does not require such drastic measures - simply toss the entire contents of ones' linen closet about in the garden.......

29 May, 2008

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