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pesky cats!


By Nickycb

United Kingdom Gb

I really want to start a veg and herb garden - but i am tormented by cats. they are always digging up the soil and using it as a toilet. I want an environmental and cat friendly solution?




If you catch them at it a water pistol is a good deterrent.

19 May, 2008



I have 3 cats, bless them!

They leave majority of my garden alone but the new soil we had made for planting they loved as their cat litter tray, we got some chicken wire and placed this around the soil to deter them for weeing there - it worked!

As mentioned earlier, water is a great deterrent for cats as they think you have peed on them when you spray and being clean animals they don't like that at all, alternatively you can buy products from the garden centre to deter animals but that has never worked for my cats, they just dig it up!

Hope that helps and if the problem persists consider automatic irrigation that comes on when they approach or something :)

19 May, 2008


Sonic cat scarers - they do work (although at £50 a time they are not cheap). Position it where the cats 'go' and a very high frequency sound is emitted whenever something breaks the beam (I try to place them where birds are not likely to trigger it as excessive triggering will wear out the battery quicker). After every couple of weeks, move the device so the cats don't get used to it being in one position. Eventually they think the whole garden is 'alarmed' and find someone else's

19 May, 2008


I also have 3 cats, they love being (and peeing) in the garden. I find little 'presents' left by them - usually with my bare hands - I don't like wearing gardening gloves. I have planted up a raised veg bed, 2' wide x 8' long. I have made a 'net' with string - so far, so good! The string also helps the plants stay upright, the string is just stapled onto the edges and zig-zagged across it.

19 May, 2008


One thing I've heard that works on squirrels should also work on cats. You put a sprinkler inline with an electrically operated valve which is then tied into a motion detector. When the pesky critters set off the motion detector they get a quick shower.

19 May, 2008


Dioon 11 gave me a great tip Get some used teabags and sprinkle some tea tree oil on them and place where you have the cat problem I have tried this for a good number ot weeks now and have not had problems with cats since Worth a try

19 May, 2008


I have 2 sonic cat deterrents, I paid £30 each from B & Q & they do work. Worth every penny.

21 May, 2008

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