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Hi I am Janette,I love growing most of my flowers from seed I call them my babies.I did grow vegies for a while untill the local cats started to use my veg patch as a toilet.I have two grown children and a 13 year old grandaughter .sadly none of them are keen gardeners still there is still hope for my grandaughter yet .I do all of the gardening myself exept for hedge trimming I leave that to my husband I hate hedge trimmers.Our garden is not very big although it is bigger than most of the gardens in this area.We have the added bonus of living next to a wood.I like to grow more plants than I need it is a joy to give plants away to fellow growers My front garden is in need of a good work over so that job is waiting to be done soon. My back is mostly flower beds.I have a greenhouse unheated so most of germination takes place on my window sills every window ledge is in use at the moment.mostly dahlias my best loved flowers they are so many different kinds. We have a lot of cats in the neigbourhood and they seem to think my garden is there public toilet,we have a dog and they dont seem to be afraid of her.Looking forward to making new friends Happy gardening

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  • Dahlia "Smokey" (Dahlia pinnata Dahlia))
  • Asters (Michaelmas Daisy)
  • Dahlia "Marble Ball" (Dahlia Pinnata { Decorative Dahlia})
  • Dahlia "Honka" (Dahlia pinnata {Dahlia})

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