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Please help identify this weed!

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My garden is getting over run with a plant that my gardening friends cannot identify. It grows to about 2' 6" tall and has big leaves similar to a foxglove but they are quite furry, almost like a stinging nettle. It produces small blue flowers.
It is very difficult to pull up the roots as the leaf stems break off very easily.
The other problem is that my dalmatian is addicted to eating it!



It sounds like Green Alkanet(Pentaglottis sempervirens) to me.Good luck on getting it under control.It can be very persistent.

19 May, 2008



I know what you mean, we have tons of this stuff growing, it is a nightmare but we used RoundUp to kill them as weeding them by hand is not a good idea, they are so prickly!

After 10 days of using RoundUp it all died - HA! It is now all brown and dead, we did strim beforehand just to take the tops off everything as some of our weeds were so tall, some at 7 feet high!

Good luck and invest in some RoundUp :)

19 May, 2008

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