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Plant ID.


By Antom

Australia Au

Can you name this plant? Don't know if it is a bulb or fleshy root plant. Leaves are 100mm wide and 300mm long. Flower stalk 250-350mm long and 15-20mm thick.




I have one of these growing in my dining room, I believe they are rarely grown as house plants but they are so unusual. Again I cannot immediately recall its name but I will look it up in my plant record when I get home and let you know.

19 May, 2008


Is it a bromeliad of some kind?

19 May, 2008


I have one in the greenhouse which somebody gave me. Its called
Haemanthus albiflos or 'Paintbrush'
I find them fascinating when the flowers come out.
They are described as summer flowering bulbs in the books.

19 May, 2008


Thanks Celandine. That's it for sure. Flowering now Perth West Australia (Autumn) outdoors.

20 May, 2008


That's the one, Celandine. It is often a talking point with visitors.

21 May, 2008

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