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Ive just been into our last remaining asbestos prefab to check for Mr Fox and his family and my goodness found allsorts! There’s old wooden crates and tea chests, plant pots and things! ooo only problem is I’m too scared to go in and rummage thro incase a rat jumps out or the fox comes back and corners me… im such a girl!!! anyway i was thinking i could find a big brave boy to go in and retrieve them for me and i could do a bit of a paint job and ta da useful garden boxes for putting my veg or tools or even planting things in!! In the meantime I’ll rummage thro Toms workshop while he’s out and see what I can find to restore the crates! Found loads of those plastic bread trays too not sure I can make anything pretty out of those tho!

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Sounds fun, a bit of serandipity... I know what you mean I am a bit of a scaredy cat when it comes to the bottomof the garden, where things tend to get dumped, for compost etc or pit stoop before dump. I have a fear of frogs jumping out as its behind the pond, or a mouse or grass snake, dont think we have rats as such and a fox sure would be suprising. But lucky the last few days. Sure your boxes will look fab painted, and the plastic ones might be good for storage too, perhaps for storing potatos or something heavy.

5 Apr, 2008


I'm sure whatever you find you will be able to turn something quite dull into something quite pretty all it takes is a little time and some inspiration and you're away! Remember to post some pictures of your project and good

5 Apr, 2008

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