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When i got up this morning I always go and let my cats straight into the house from the porch i went about my usual daily routine whilst Cinders was sat guarding a closed door. I couldn’t understand it. So I opened the door there sat on the hearth was a starling. It took one look at me and started flying anxiously around the room quickly followed by Cinders! It banged into the window and landed on the window sill. Cinders like a flash of lightning made a dive for it. I didn’t know which one to grab so gently but like the speed of lighning got the starling! Without stopping to adore the bird I opened the window and let it free! Cinders is now sulking!! The starling must have had one to many last night and fallen down the chimney! We probably wouldn’t have found it if it wasn’t for Cinders! Oh and I forgot to tell you we got a few sheep from Chatsworth with the intention of fattening them up for the shop and guess wot we have got a perfect little baby lamb! Apparently a tup got in with them by accident before we collected them! what a nice surprise! Keep meaning to take my camera down the field!

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Sounds like you have a very hard yet idillic life style. As a kid we we used to look after orphand lambs, we had chickens, lots of other pets cat,dog, rabbit etc including a pet Blue Tit, that I hand reared with the help of my mum.

If my garden was big enough and I had a different job my life would be different.

30 May, 2008


this time of year is the best... lots of babies and the garden bursting into life! I could spend all day with the animals! Whilst cleaning out the chicken shed yesterday I left the tractor door open whilst i fetched something on my return there was a chicken on the seat and several more inside the cab! cheeky monkeys!

30 May, 2008


What fun, ickle. You are braver than me with birds - I can't touch them, I have to open the windows and 'shoo' them out. Glad Cinders didn't catch it!

30 May, 2008


So am i!!! I would have felt so guilty!

30 May, 2008


It wouldn't have been Jacque's little namesake, would it? I had a nanny goat climb on the trunk lid (boot) of my father-in-law's new car years ago, when he parked a little to close to her area. Thank goodness he was a animal lover too!

30 May, 2008

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