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Mr Fox


Last night I’d just come in and sat down when a very concerned teenager appeared at my door saying she had seen a fox heading in the direction of my chickens! I spent an hour patrolling the chickens wishing they would go in to the safety of their huts but the chickens were not concerned of the dangers they were facing! On my patrols I went to the boundaries of our land which we leave undisturbed for the wildlife to be met with hoards of rubbish and tipping! a footpath runs across the field adjacent to our land and people throw their bags of dog poo and general rubbish into our “wildlfe” area! ooooo makes me so cross! anyway back to the point… i went in to get a drink and then the dogs started to bark and chickens seems to sense something! I went out to find the fox running away with an egg in it’s mouth! silly fox spends hours burying these eggs we’ve found one in every raised bed and neighbours thought we were playing tricks on them!! so the chickens were safe and sound and finally i tucked them up to roost!!

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Glad all was well with the chookies! What a pain some people can be. I can't believe that some dog owners (only some, fortunately) can be so irresponsible. Maybe you need a polite notice by the footpath? Or would that just ask for more trouble?

4 Apr, 2008


well there is a notice and im sure people see it as a challenge to defy it! The problem with our house is that it was left empty for quite a few years and people got used to using it as a dumping ground! even when we moved in one of the neighbours continued to tip all of his weeds over into our garden!! we had a man come the other day with a boot full of building materials he did actually ask if he could dump it tho!! Oh the fun and games we have its true there's nowt as queer as folk!!

4 Apr, 2008

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