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strawberry rescue mission


today i have been rescuing strawberries they were in oblong planters and left out over winter. They were waterlogged and looking beyond repair! I’ve cut off all the dead leaves and thrown away plants beyond rescue but I have managed to save at least 50 plants which is amazing really I thought there was no hope! We’ll see how it goes! i’ve planted the mega big strawberries in one of the raised beds! I took the mini trees out of the pots they were looking in need of some tlc they are now in nice big whiskey barrels! Given the bay tree and mint a tidy up and dug over and weeded the outdoor beds! put my cherry tree into a barrell! in need of a cup of tea and a rest now! and to think i gave up my nice indoor job for this!!

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hi, well done with saving all those strawberry plants. i have spend the last week on a course, stuck indoors everyday and no getting home till late, boy did i miss my garden. today i was at home, weather was lovely and i had my cupa outside. heaven lol.

2 Apr, 2008


Good job done! You like the rest of us will moan about the work but I'll bet a pound to a penny you wouldn't trade it back for the indoor job!! ;o )

2 Apr, 2008


Ah and I got given a good present, a cup with a lid with gardening theme, perhaps you could do with one of those to keep your tea hot and insect free. You have reminded me that is a job I need to do repot some old strawberries, luckily I have been given a stawberry pot.

2 Apr, 2008

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