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The stone arrived yesterday to go around the raised beds in the polytunnel. The idea… get some help in the form of husband and father in law to shovel! The reality two men who love to chat, wander around and admire their hard (ahem!) work, eat cake and drink tea! The result no stone shovelled not even a pebble!! I had grand illusions as i set off to prepare my shed for the table chicks but was sorely disappointed at the lack of hard work! men! i’ll do it myself!!

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Well after looking at your pictures of the farm, you need all the help you can get, what a project to get your teeth into.
Men can be useful if managed properly, you need to get your supervising head on and do lots of pointing and directing. Bribe them with the cakes and tea, making sure they ge the message that they won't get any until they have finished all or part of the task you have set them.
I find I have to do that, I get grumbles and it sulks a bit but in the end I usually coerce my way into getting the heavy work done!
Where abouts in the country are you? Your farm looks amazing, what are your long term plans?

1 Apr, 2008


thanks for the advice I was getting a bit bogged down with leading by example and not getting a response unless they could you a machine for the job hehe!!
We are in Derbyshire... I used to live in the heart of the Peak District with my family on a working dairy farm so when I moved out I wanted to create something to remind me of home! We have set up a smallholding business from the farm starting people up with chickens arks feed etc, pigs, arks and equipment, we have a farm shop in the local village which we've just had permission to expand and hopefully we'll be selling eggs, veg and honey from the honesty barrel soon! It's all go and hard work but a wonderful life!

2 Apr, 2008


Ickledigga darling am pretty sure other ladies will agree with me on this one that it takes years to train a good husband and if you do a great job in the end he'll even be able to finish your sentence for you never mind do what you ask! Good luck with the training ;0)

5 Apr, 2008


Hmm, Hmm, ladies. If I were near, it would be done, as I like nothing more than "garden" construction labour, Ickle, I envy your project so much. I dream of having such a life, even though it is hard work. But I would always feel "at home" with it.Tell that lot that they can't "have their cake, and eat it, too"!

6 Apr, 2008

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