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The moles are coming


By ducky


The moles are coming closer and closer.

They were in the meadow across the stream, last week I noticed there were mole hills in my neighbours garden and now they are getting closer to my fence near the chickens. I really hope they dont come back in our garden again. Last year we had one that got under my fake grass – it made a right mess by tunnelling all over – but then it couldnt burrow down through the hardcore, and it couldnt come up through the fake grass so it was stuck in the layer of sand , going round and round. the area looked like the surface of the moon.

we decided to trap it – and bought a humane tunnel trap – peeled back the edge of the astroturf and set it up. Two days later we had caught the culprit- only problem was whilst the mole was in the trap overnight – it rained and the little * went and drowned – so much for a humane trap!

Now I fear we are going to be faced with the same problem again – unless anyone knows a good mole repellant?

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Sorry i can't help you out, but i hope you can sort your problem out, there as to be something said for living in a town, don't get any problems with wildlife damaging my garden, although i love the wild life that does come in my garden.

11 Mar, 2009


A friend uses a solar powered sonic mole deterent thing. You push it into the ground and it keeps sending out high frequency pulses. He swears by it.

11 Mar, 2009


Ducky,I purchased a book on garden tips today and here is one especially for you. The moles cant stand the smell of badger dung because they are its natural predator,apparently Mr Mole can,t tell the difference between badger and ferret dung which is easier to get hold of ,anyway it says mix dung with a little water to make a paste,dig out mole hill to find the run and paint the ferret dung around the entrance or you can actually put a small mound in the run itself,the wind wafts the smell around the runs and mole thinks badger and scarpers. ....The book is called The Greatest Gardening Tips In The World by Steve Brookes.......

11 Mar, 2009


Follow that!

11 Mar, 2009



11 Mar, 2009


I was told you can deter them by putting a bottle up-side down in the ground along their 'run'. Leave it sticking up a bit and the wind passing over the bottle causes it to vibrate, which they don't like. Ornamental windmills have the same effect!

11 Mar, 2009


If you find a fault free solution Ducky, please let me know. We get moles every year. Last year they were starting to dig under my roses.

12 Mar, 2009


OK daft question coming up . . . .
Are canadian moles exactly the same as british ones?

12 Mar, 2009

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