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Am I just VERY nosy?


By ducky


I love GoY. and I find it amazing and thrilling how people from all corners of this world can come together and share so much joy, anguish and laughter through this site. I love to read the names of far off places and hear about gardening problems that I will never even encounter (coping with months of sub zero temperatures – months of drought – dangerous wildlife). I have to confess that some place names sound so unusual or amusing that I just feel compelled to look for them on Google earth.
Yes I know it is rather like being an international stalker but that just open up a whole new avenue of fascination, just looking at the different patterns of cities, towns, villages, hamlets, fields, roads, rivers, railways etc is fantastic – and it somehow makes me feel closer to all my distant GoY penfriends.

Anyone else done this sort of googling?

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A very interesting blog.

10 Mar, 2009


Ducky, I know just what you mean. It is amazing that people from such diverse walks of life can come together and share the joys and sorrows of gardening. Finding out more about our friends areas just helps to make everyones comments and blogs more enjoyable. It's fascinating finding out more about different areas.
Google earth is amazing. I can spend hours on there looking around. :o)

10 Mar, 2009


I think Google Earth is great too. We don't have it at home, but now and again I can have a quick look at work!
I don't think you're nosy, it's just nice to find a group of people with the same interest. Whose eyes won't glaze over if you talk about your garden, lol.
I have to say I've rarely found such enthusiasm and encouragement for other gardeners, it's lovely.

10 Mar, 2009


Yes, Ducky, you are very nosey - ME TOO :-0)!!!
It is fun to look up places on Google Earth, or similar sites, and look on Google itself.
If you really want to frighten yourself, type your own name into Google and see what it produces. I have found most of my personal details ( not bank acc. numbers, fortunately) and found that people with the same name include an American politician, a pot holer who came to an unfortunate end beneath the Yorkshire Dales and a writer of erotic stories who lives in Australia!
Give the clues above, I suppose I should offer a prize to anyone who discovers my real name, lol.

10 Mar, 2009


No-one has the same name as me - it is unique in the world

10 Mar, 2009


Hi Ducky.
I think you have put into words just what we all feel about this site, at last a site for good and so many different facets, education, knowlege, friendship, and most of all the fun of gardening.
Everyone is so friendly and as soon as you join you feel as though you are part of a global family.

10 Mar, 2009


my geography has improved so much. and to be able to access the best gardening encyclopedia i have ever come across. i think that the combined knowledge of the GOYers is second to none. as i love cacti and succulents its amazing to see the photos of them from warmer climeates. i love the pics of peoples gardens dogs artwork......aswell. ;-))

10 Mar, 2009


I think this is the friendliest site that i have ever found, i too use Google Earth i have plotted my family tree on it! Putting pins on all the places ancestors have lived over the years, interesting to see how they moved around the country, i have also put on my husbands brothers in Australia and i pop over to see them from time to time in virtual space :0)

10 Mar, 2009


Sounds great. I'll have to get this google earth. Can anyone tell me how do I do it please. ?

11 Mar, 2009


it is free to download at (you dont need to put www at the front for this site)

My other half even found an image of himself outside the place we work!!

I have even toured over some of my favourite gardens and places on this - Sissinghurst, Chatsworth, Alton Towers gorge area, my grannys garden. etc

11 Mar, 2009


try sa71 5aa thats our place. i like looking on the islands off our coast. give it a go Hywel it will keep you busy till

11 Mar, 2009


Oh wow Sandra

Those beaches near to you look fantastic. I used to live on the coast when I was growing up (CH48) and I really didnt appreciate it then as much as I should have done.

we are in LE65 now - which looks very patchwork quilt-ish
Small town - smaller villages around - very green!

Any other basic postcodes folks, I would love to know what approx region you are in or your favourite local landmarks - no specifics though, as even though GoY is great I wouldnt want plant hunters sneaking in and stealing our prize petunias / koi carp / gnomes.

11 Mar, 2009


Oh by the way

Andrewr - is the R for rumplestiltskin by any chance?

11 Mar, 2009


I'm thick right. - I've downloaded google earth but it's disappeared. I don't know how to get it on my screen. It must be there but I don't know how to see it. Please could someone tell me what I must do. Thank you from thick Hywel.

11 Mar, 2009



If you go into your computer and check in the 'all programmes' file you should find it listed - double click -then you should be able to right click on the icon and go to 'sent to' and select desktop so that it gives you an icon link shortcut when you look at your main screen.

Im not very techy - so this is an awful description of what to do - sorry, I should think that anyone else could give you a far better description.

11 Mar, 2009


Thank you but I think I've messed it up. I'll try and download it again later. Your instructions are clear.

11 Mar, 2009


Good luck with it H.

11 Mar, 2009


Thanks. I'll let you know if it works. lol

11 Mar, 2009


Ducky - no it's not rumplestiltskin. It's a surname that originally comes from Poland but my English great-grandmother changed the spelling

12 Mar, 2009


Its nice to be unique!

13 Mar, 2009


Hi Ducky! Nice to meet you! I'm a google earth fan too!
only thing is it's not in real present I am house hunting and it is a great resource for driving directions...and getting the lowdown on an area...with your own eyes...not having to rely on a Real Estate Agents description! my favourite feature is the ground level/street level can stand on a corner and see the topography 360... very cool!
I go on excursions all the time... If I want to see where my Aunt's living now in BC...I just google the town...voila! Enjoyed your blog. I've been on goY over a year... I've made acquaintances all over's always a trial in spring time...because all my goY friends in the UK are talking about their snowdrops and daffodils and tulips and helebores...and I still have snow on my garden!!

14 Mar, 2009


Well I've downloaded it so now I have to learn how to use it. :o)

14 Mar, 2009


Dont dispair Lori - spring is on its way perhaps the waiting just makes it all the more precious when it does arrive.

Hywel - enjoy flying with google earth, I love it when you search for a place and suddenly you are flung up and away from the earth and then sink back down - my girlies think is like being in Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator.

16 Mar, 2009

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