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Weekend work


By ducky


Work done this weekend ..

Job 1 – I think I have fixed the greenhouse, following some very helpful advice from GoY’ers I am gradually sticking the polycarb panels in with silicone sealant as well as using clips – after a very blustery night last night all panels are still in place – yippee.

Job 2 – I have had a bee in my bonnet about my rockery area at the front of the house. The area is under a huge willow tree so has fairly dry soil that is full of roots, it is also infested with ivy – I dediced that this area would be a rockery for bulbs throughout the year with one or two other bits in there – thisty plants dont grow here at all. Problem is that the edge of the area runs down onto the road and as the lane is only one car wide here sometimes cars and pedestrians have used it as a passing area – the edge has been mashed down onto the road and can be a bit of a mess.

You can see on here how the edge is worn down.

It has really been bugging me that some people dont seem to realise that it is a garden area and use it as a pathway , toilet for their dogs, or playground for their children even though it is outside my kitchen (and it does have spring bulbs on it)

So I have spent several hours on Saturday re-discovering the edge of the road and building up a bit of a stone retainer to keep the soil behind. I have also planted 250 summer flowering bulbs (Tigridia,Liatris,Anemone, oxalis) which I hope will come up.
It was hard work as there were loads of roots to cut back – but it does look better.
However Sunday I was washing up by the kitchen window and looked out to see an unknown toddler standing right in the middle of the rockery!!! – Dad and Grandad just standing by on the road watching – I shot outside and was so cross I faced up to them, only to be told that ‘he wasnt doing any harm’ – well yes – he was – a clump of narcissus was flattened beneath his Bob the Builder wellie.

It is so irritating that some people just have no respect. Hopefully when I get the veg garden installed it will be more obviously a garden space

TTFN :o)


here is a shot of the little modification I have made to the edge

It may not be a big wall but hopefully it will be effective !! Im planning to let forget-me-nots grow on the bit nearest to the road to knit the soil edge together.

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Can you not put a small picket fence or something so it looks like your's & not part of the roadway.

9 Mar, 2009


Unfortunately a picket wouldnt be allowed as we are in a conservation area and that boundary has never been fenced - our garden lighting 'bollards' were only allowed if we didnt use timber rails between them.

I think Im just going to have to flood the area with flowers and put up with 'trespassers' until everything establishes.

9 Mar, 2009


Hi Ducky ~ I’m sorry to hear your hard work was ruined by thoughtless people. I’m sure they would not like their garden stomped all over, thoughtless people. Anyone with a bit of common decency would realise it is your garden. Perhaps you could use some plant markers identifying where some of the bulbs are with one at the front asking politely for people to respect your garden or paint a "KEEP OFF" sign on a bolder. Sometimes you have to be blunt….Ughh it makes me angry!!!!!!

9 Mar, 2009


Could you try a low (less than 12") high wire mesh screen across the front? I am thinking of the green plastic coated square mesh stuff, fairly rigid.

9 Mar, 2009


The only thing that would stop car drivers using it as a passing space would be to put something like boulders along the edge.They would have to be large enough, and light in colour, so that people couldn't claim they hadn't seen them if they damaged their car.Like the ones at the back of your rockery,plus lots of evergreen ground cover which your bulbs could come through. Unfortunately ground cover alone will just get trampled on !! This may help to stop the soil washing away as well. Probably not stop kids climbing on them tho',can't keep an eye on everyone can we lol !

9 Mar, 2009


If you're not allowed any sort of physical barrier the only answer is plants. There are so many tempting suggestions but that would finish up with you in court. Unfortunately the days of "an Englishman's home is his castle' are long gone. I really feel for you!

9 Mar, 2009


a local lady who has a similar problem to you has large stones 1ft size, painted white on the edge to deter cars. as for the kiddies it's the grown ups that need the education more. I think if it happens again i'd show the child what they have done and show them the new plants coming up and ask them to watch how they grow. you might be responsible for the GoYers of the future. Nice area no matter what.

9 Mar, 2009


I don't think those idiots would say that if you did it to their garden. Some people are just beyond belief. Maybe you should put a notice up saying it is private ground.

9 Mar, 2009


Oh some people just have no respect for others. It is so frustrating. If you could put some rocks along there that would be ideal. It would be a visible boundry that might make people think twice about entering onto your property. Our front garden is open all the way along but apart from the occasional teenagers partying and laying on the grass we don't have too much problem. However, I am planning to put some beds and landscaping out there eventually so we will see!!

10 Mar, 2009


The rocks are going in !!! Ive been scouting around under the big tree and found quite a few more suitable chunks of sandstone to edge up the area. I have also put up a notice requesting ignorant dog walker to clear up their mess - there were three dollops left on the front yesterday - yuck.
So the gravel and edge of the road got a good spraying of Jayes Fluid.

I have dreams of planting a lovely thick strip of Rosa Rugosa - but I wont as I know one of my girlies would be bound to fall into it whils 'helping' in the garden!!

10 Mar, 2009


Hi Ducky~ It’s obvious to anyone now that’s your garden let’s hope it gets the message across!!

11 Mar, 2009

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