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Decks, Ducks and Dotty.


By ducky


I havnt been online here for a while – things just seem to have been too hectic over the past month.
The new deck is nearly built now although it seems to have taken for ever, although on reviewing the evidence I figured out why!

Well – you have to enjoy any weekend sunshine when you get it.

The veggies are doing ok although my salads have bolted due to all the water. My carrotts are rather battered by the rain, peas have grown like mad, podded and gone over ever so quickly – the khol rabi worked brilliantly – courgettes are coming on well, squahes have grown finally and are ready to transplant.

On a sadder note my big black and white duck was found dead by the side of the road three nights ago- we assume he had been hit by a car and his body was chucked in the hedge bottom. Not a particularly nice end – but at least it would have been fast.

However – Dotty our bantam has hatched out her first brood of chicks, there are now seven tiny mad little fluff balls going batty in our small chicken run.

All the more reason to get the deck finished and the new chicken pen built and sorted before the chicks need to be let out!


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That deck looks like major engineering work, will be great when it's finished. Sorry to hear about black and white duck but like you say, a quick end and at least you know what happened to him, rather than just disappearing.
Any pics of the chicks?

22 Jul, 2009


Will get some chick pics as soon as I can get 'Mum' to move off them enough!

22 Jul, 2009


Decking looks good Sorry to hear about the little duck....but at least Dotty & her chicks are doing fine running around i`m sure they look so cute......

23 Jul, 2009


Are you building a flight of steps or putting in a zip wire to get down? lol. Looks like a lot of hard work you've done there and I don't blame you grabbing the sun whenever you can - it's such a rarity these days.

23 Jul, 2009


No steps or wires needed, the new deck is actually in effect a 'balcony' that sticks out from the middle level of our garden (the garden is on 4 different levels. Im just tring to plan the planting that will lead to the deck now - Im not a plantsman so the indecision is crippling me!!

24 Jul, 2009

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