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Happiness - a weekend in the muck


By ducky


I really hope that most of you out there had a lovely weekend, our weather was very kind, perfect to kick us into action.

Job 1 – we relaid the lawn, not too big a job as it isnt too big a lawn and we had the turf spare at work, but not a job I had anticipated – The Other Half ( hereafter shortened to OH!) decided that it was easier to relay than to do a major top dress and seed, as the area had got rather manky over winter.

It was a whole family job – even the girls wanted to join in which was hilarious ( if you need a good laugh ask two five year olds to move a roll of turf up a couple of steps and watch the results – brilliant)

Then I got down to the project I had wanted to get on with – the woodland slope that I had asked for suggestions on. Well it really is coming on well. I have put in some turf steps and a reclaimed balk of timber into the top of the slope as a bench. I found a couple of ferns that were surviving and moved them to near the bench, Added in a new Amelanchier – moved the nandina. I found four small clumps of english bluebells that had come from my grannys garden – so in they went too. Then I moved my ceonothus bush and a few vincas, moved a small holly bush, added in a small forsythia, added in a new climbing hydrangea and relocated some geraniums and grannys’ bonnets. I also shoved in some alpine strawberries as a bit of woodlandy groundcover. For my very helpful girlies I made a fairy house to go behind the tree, and moved the green gnome onto the slope. So by lunchtime on Sunday it wasnt called the ‘woodland bit’ anymore it is the Fairy Garden!

Unfortunately the rest of the afternoon was blighted by my eldest announcing she felt poorly – and sure enough she had a temperature and on closer inspection she had chicken poxes popping up all over – Poor Em.

In my greenhouse – which is holding together wekk since the application of silicone sealant – my seedlings are germinating and popping up nicely. I really will have to get my raised beds made asap.

I will try to get some photos added in later on.

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Poor Em indeed - no doubt her sister will get it too! Hope you can control the itching for them - that's the worst of it. You certainly had a busy and productive weekend, well done!

16 Mar, 2009


Oh poor Em its doing the rounds at the moment, my grandaughters nursery has them dropping like flies only a matter of time before she comes down with it, then it'll be her baby sisters turn, daughter in law is girding her loins for the onslaught!!! Calamine lotion at the ready LOL.

16 Mar, 2009


Like the sound of your sloping woodland its going to look great when everything is established,you,ve had a busy weekend and sounds as though you all enjoyed it( except the illness part obviously,Calamine in the bath will soothe the itching) Keep up the good work and hope the little one is better soon.....

16 Mar, 2009


I hope she's better soon. At her age, they shake it off quite quickly. :-)

16 Mar, 2009


Thanks for the messages - the spotty one is still erupting and the other one is winging that its not fair she has to go to school. Calomine, tee tree and bicarbonate of soda bath bombs are so far controlling the itching. Im in full production of the bath bombs (recipe c/o BBC2 grow your own drugs programme) which Em is enjoying helping with.

17 Mar, 2009


Oh sorry to hear of your daughter's chicken pox. I hope it isn't too servere.
Glad to hear you got some work done though.

17 Mar, 2009

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