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Hot Sunday


Sunrise thismorning promised a blazing hot day. I knew then that I should have watered my baskets and containers last night. They ( whoever ‘they’ are) do say that idle folk have the most trouble, so it was a quick cup of coffee and out with the watering cans before the temperature got ridiculous. If I’d done it last night I could have sat down to a leisurely breakfast, while looking appreciatively out of my window at everything growing away happily. C’est la vie!
Anyway, ‘tis done now, and my conscience is salved. I did get some breakfast, eventually, then decided to upload some pictures from my camera, yes, that one, onto my laptop and flashdrive. O-o-o-h! The best laid plans of mice and men etc. etc.
Could I do it? Could I heck. I found files I didn’t know I had, functions that didn’t function, popups of meaningless instructions. I presume by now that you have realised that you are dealing with an A1 techno-illiterate. The original, one-off t.i.
Don’t laugh. I did it! Please don’t ask me to repeat the process, not soon, anyway. I need time to recover. My pretty turquoise, rubber encased flashdrive is now loaded with what I think are some surprisingly good photos. All I have to do now, is try and get them to GoY for you to see. Don’t hold your breath. I’m going to have a spot of lunch first. I can’t face the prospect of entirely deleting everything, on an empty stomach. CU soon.

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Find someone between the age of 8 and 16 to help.... thats what I do. looking forward to those pics

31 May, 2009


Every home should have a computer geek, I'm lucky I got 3.

1 Jun, 2009


And here's another techno-illiterate. !

1 Jun, 2009


Thanks guys! Your sympathy knows no bounds.

1 Jun, 2009


Once you get the hang of it you'll wonder how you could ever have been so bad at it! (It's like riding a bike, the first few times you fall off but then you get the "knack" & wonder what all the fuss was about!) :))

1 Jun, 2009


I agree there balcony but riding a bike and falling off you only get minor bumps, scrapes and bruises, when you 'fall off' in computer terms you tend to loose valuable files and that is more frustrating than anything!! lol I agree with Mageth too.

2 Jun, 2009


It took 3 years for us to print off some piccies we took on our first digital camera! You have my permission to 'larf, but it's true!!!

3 Jun, 2009

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