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One of 'those' days.


Before I launch into this I’d just like to mention that I neither own ( nor want to) a mobile phone or iPad. Why am I telling you this? You’ll see. Welcome to Jurassic Park.
It’s been a lovely, hazy, sunny day here in W. Cornwall, with just a gentle breeze for a change, so I decided to wander round the garden with my trusty Samsung camera and take some pics. The intention was to write a blog and include some of the shots. Now, I know I should have checked the settings, but I didn’t, and spent a happy hour clicking away at plants, pots, flowers and things unusual or interesting. Yes, you know what’s coming. When I loaded the sim card onto my computer, I had a feast of fuzzy, colourless and totally useless images. The delete button thought it was its birthday.
Feeling slightly discouraged but very silly, I made a cuppa, had a piece of cake, and decided to have another go tomorrow.
Some time later I noticed that the bird feeders were getting low, and the hanging bird-table was empty. Time to fill up.
I buy birdseed in 20kilo bags, and there were only a few handfuls left in the bottom of the current one, so I decided to tip it into a plastic jug which I placed on the floor of the porch. What I hadn’t noticed was a fold in the rim of the bag, which merrily directed most of the seed around the jug and onto the floor. Great! Off to the kitchen for dustpan and brush. Having gathered up the seed and poured it where it should have been in the first place, I returned said dustpan and brush to the kitchen. Now I could go and fill the bird feeders. You think?
Next came one of those moments you couldn’t make up. I ambled back into the porch…and kicked over the jug of birdseed. Looking down at the scattered grain I thought ‘Have you ever had that feeling you’ve been here before?’

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Been there, done that, worn the T-shirt....never mind, least the sun's still shining and putting a smile on (y)our face!

24 Apr, 2020


That is exhausting bbb.

24 Apr, 2020


I like this blog as it reminds me of several of the things that I do daily! At least the floor got swept - twice.

25 Apr, 2020


Welcome to my world. One of my best is when making something and the box of pins scatters. Just pick yourself up, dust yourself down and start all over again as the song says.

25 Apr, 2020


yep that sounds about right. hubby dropped a 1000 mixed screws the other day. they were in sections according to size. I swept them up and sorted them. when he came to pick the box up he didn't shut the lid and ........
Good job I like sorting things.

25 Apr, 2020


Oh dear, definitely one of those days. Like the domino effect! Hope you enjoyed the cuppa and cake in between though! Nice pic at the end of your blog..

26 Apr, 2020


Oh dear - that sort of thing sounds horribly familiar. My bugbear at present is due to an eye problem I tend to pour liquids down the outside of the jug instead of into it.
Have you tried sweeping up half a jar of kefir off the floor with a dustpan and brush??(Don't answer that)

27 Apr, 2020


Can anybody honestly say they don't have "one of those days"? I think it's so common that we forget about them half the time! I had something happen to me like that just this morning. I was cleaning out the 2 budgies cage & I cleaned their seed holders, as they don't eat from these very much after a few weeks they become very dirty with their dropping & I need to empty out the seed & clean the feeders & put the seed back afterwards, of course you say! Well that is what I did - so? We have a big flour sieve that we practically never use so I emptied their seed into it & got out all the dust & shucks but left them in the sieve while I cleaned the feeders. When I went to pour the seed back a lot went over the edges of the feeders. Fortunately I had some kitchen paper underneath them for that very reason, but then I went & emptied the paper but instead of the putting the seed into the feeders I emptied it on top of the dirty paper that I hadn't changed before cleaning the feeders!

27 Apr, 2020

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