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Well, the good news is....


I no longer have to worry about what my fiance of 3 years wants growing in the garden. Can you guess why? :-(

So, now I’m looking at my garden for this coming year, trying hard to work out how much of what I need to plant for a realistic sized harvest. Like, how many tomatoes do I get from each plant? How many meals worth of beans to I get from one plant? That sort of thing. Does anyone know? Is there a source or formula or something, or is it just one of those things that varies too much to even begin to predict?

Anyways, still here and doing my thing. I have to get on and do some digging in my garden though; right now it’s over run with grass and messiness. I need to wait until Jr. is out of the house first though; I need to get rid of his old jungle gym first, and although he hasn’t used it in months and months, he’ll kick up a stink if he sees me throwing it out.

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Don't know whether to be happy or sad for you ?
Keeping busy will help .

12 Jan, 2012


Difficult time for you...but you'll be fine in the garden - YOUR garden!

Can't help you re. harvest yields...but, I think that finding out for yourself might be empowering. Go for it girl!...and as for that gym...I'm too polite to say!

12 Jan, 2012


Digging is great therapy for pretty much anything I think, and if you dig a big enough hole, well all that gym rubbish can go in it! x

12 Jan, 2012


There's your future - take charge and enjoy! Happy Gardening!

13 Jan, 2012


In my experience you can,t really tell what the crop will be like,some years... like last year..I had abumper crop of toms & peppers in the gh in others the variety i,d chosen developed nasties like ' black bottom' or 'green back' let alone all the pests.....go for variety then you,ve lots of choice

13 Jan, 2012


Oh dear if you're going to worry that much it isn't worth growing anything. I think it's better to try and enjoy what you grow when it comes.

I'm sorry about what's happened to you and your fiance, in one way, .... but happy for you in another.

13 Jan, 2012


You have probably heard this but ... better to go separate ways now than later. but you are bound to feel sad. Hope you find happiness soon.

as to your other questions this is what I find:

I plant 6 runnerbeans plants and have enough pods for the 3 that eat them. sometimes I need to freeze them as they come ready and ther times straight into the pan.

I grow 3 tomato plants, a cherry, a plum and a larger salad type. the fruits are usually enough again for the 4 of us. spares get frozen/pulped/pasta sauce and popped in old jam jars.

2 sweet pepper plants also provide fresh and frozen to last a year.

I have always found solace in all aspects of the garden so you are in good company with many of us on hear.

13 Jan, 2012

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