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Ooooh, my back!


Okay, so we (me, hubby, parents, brother) are having a few days where we basically dig up the rock-hard garden, including the lawn, shift several tonnes of gravel, mark it all out, try and make the paths as best we can…you know, all that stuff. Only problem is, the diggers can only do about an hour each (it’s about 20 hours worth of work) and only three can dig, so that’s, you know, a weeks worth of digging. Add to that the need to dig and line the path (it’s gonna be gravel, about 12" deep and lined, purely to use the damned stuff up) which will take another day or three, and the fact that I’m already getting to the point where I need to put some stuff out (130 greyhound cabbages, 35 pepper seedings, 120 leeks, 12 radishes, 6 strawberry bushes, 3 raspberry canes, a redcurrent bush, a blackcurrent bush, a rose bush and now 30 or so pumpkin and squash seedlings too) and I have a full workload this month. I’m two days in and my back already hates me!

I guess the trick is to pace ourselves; after all, if we work 1 hour a day it might take two weeks, but it’ll take even longer if we do our backs in and have to rest for a month without doing anything.

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