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Well, I’ve dug up all of the vegetable patch and I’m making progress with the lawn. I have thousands of seedlings colonating my living room aswell as every window sill in the house, and another 1 or 2 seed trays (40 or 80 plants) that need putting into a cell of their own. Mum’s offered to buy me a couple of those little greenhouses, which is sweet; she’s done so much for me in this new place! And it’s not easy for her; she has no car, no money and 4 younger kids living with her still, so she really is going out of her way. Which is more than I can say for my other half; he left the other day :-( Which sucks. But hey, gardening is cathartic :-D And I don’t have him grumbling every time I drag mud into the ENTIRELY WASHABLE kitchen floor.

Oh, and as a point, if anyone lives near me(Bordon, Hampshire) and wants some leek, pepper, cabbageorpumpkin seedlings, they’re going free to a good home :-) I’m desperate to get rid ofsomebut I can’t just chuck them on the compost heap!

Anywas, fI’ll be slowing down a bit now that I’m on my own, but mum and Tony (ste-dad) are coming around sometime this week or on Monday to help somemore.

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Sorry to hear that you've got problems at home, Anna. Yes - get yourself out into the garden and GO GIRL!!!

Lovely that you've got help at hand. :-)

12 Mar, 2009


Hi Anni be strong as Spritz says Go Girl Attack That Garden!

12 Mar, 2009


Sorry to hear of your troubles, you and your little boy take care - you have friends here.
Now you can stomp the mud about as you please!

12 Mar, 2009


Life does suck( as you put it) at times Anni but we humans are resilient like plants and can bounce back,ok so your not going as fast as you had hoped but it does not matter its the end result that counts.I agree with everyones comments and you take care......

12 Mar, 2009


get out there lass and work it off, sorry to hear your problems, gardening is a great hobby for working off your troubles Good Luck!

12 Mar, 2009


Hope better times are around the corner for you Anna. put all your love and thought into those around you that care and support you. Your garden will also repay you for all your love.

12 Mar, 2009


Sorry to hear of your family troubles Anni. That is hard when you're suddenly on your own....However, look on the bright can now do exactly what you want, when you want...and don't have to put up with his family telling you how to prick out your seedlings. LOL.
Put your love and energy into your little boy and your garden. There's nothing like a warm hug from little arms and getting your hands into the soil to destress.
Lovely for you to have such a supportive Mum. Bless her. And your step-Dad.

13 Mar, 2009

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