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Spring at Normanby Hall


By Janey


I don’t know about you, but I am so fed up with this damp dreary dismal rainy weather….when are we to have some sunshine for more than half an hour???

To beat the blues we had an afternoon at Normanby Hall….I remember Funky Fuchsia saying he would like to see it again in Spring and even though it was spitting and the sky heavy with rain, the plants were more than happy with things….:o)

The Glasshouses here surrounded by a healthy growth of herbs and vegetables.

Beautiful leaves of the Globe Artichoke….Purple Emperor.

Rows of well tended salad crops including Beetroot and Turnips.

Gooseberries ready for picking!

Alliums and Euphorbia adding colour.

Does anyone know the name of this very attractive plant….reaching about 3ft in height with heavy circular leaves?

Or the name of this yellow Daisy type flower?

Pretty hardy Geranium lighting up the beds.

Sunshine flower…the poached egg plant……..Limnanthes.

Beautiful pale orange Oriental Poppy.

And a very delicate hardy Geranium.

By the sides of the box-edged pathways, cordon trained fruit trees were enjoying the rain to swell the growing fruit…:o)

Here the gardeners were busy keeping the weeds down. In a few weeks those arches will be covered in rose blossom!

The beehives were buzzing with lively bees flying to and fro.

Though it was wet, it was warm….the gardeners had opened the tops of the cold frames to let in a little fresh air.

So talking of warm and wet…….the tea room was the next stop……..:o) This is just the Victorian walled garden, another time we’ll have a look round the park.

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all looks very nice janey,, bet that help cheer you up,, i agree with you, im fed up now with all this damp wet weather, where is this summer we are getting,, my uncle has bees and let me dress up in a suite and help with them,, it was a great experience,,

22 May, 2009


Ooh I bet Sandra.........I would love to have a go taking the honey out. Home made honey for you too....lovely!

22 May, 2009


yes its really good,, i eat honey every day,, its so good for you,, dont think baz would go for having bees though lol

22 May, 2009


Lovely blog and pics, Janey. All those yummy veggies and fruit! Can;'t help with the lovely pink plant, but Doronicum comes to mind for the yellow daisy-like flowers (could be totally wrong, though). :-)

22 May, 2009


think your right david, i looked that up and does look like the picture janey has, but not sure which type

22 May, 2009


Many thanks David...that's it....Doronicum, or Leopard's bane. Spritz and Dotty Daisy have pics on their photos....:o)

23 May, 2009


This is a lovely garden and thanks for sharing, its like a day out for me too when people post their visits! Im nearly sure your pink plant is Thalictrum or Meadow rue but the leaf should be more like a maiden fern

23 May, 2009


yes, I really enjoyed the photos as well - what a lovely garden

23 May, 2009


I would love to have a peek inside those greenhouses,
Did you manage to steal a look???
Thank you for remembering to give us a sping tour,

23 May, 2009


I think the purple flower is a Thalictrum, Meadow Rue. Possibly Thalictrum aquilegiifolium?

23 May, 2009


Yep.....Mageth and Bulbaholic...Meadow Rue, I can see the feathery foliage in the pic now....must have been another plant close by...Lol!

Didn't have alook inside the greenhouse this time Dave, but I could see there was a huge Brugmansia in flower. Next time I will though. You can see what was growing during Winter on my other blog.....:o)

23 May, 2009


Lovely blog and beautiful photos. It looks a lovely place to visit time and time again. Sorry you're having rainy weather. In my corner of Kent we need some rain badly - doesn't seem to get shared out fairly, does it?!

23 May, 2009


oh i know this place!! got some photos on my homepage of Normanby Hall its a great place to visit, and they also have Victorian days in the summer.

23 May, 2009


Oh can have some of ours! Saying that today has been lovely!
Hi Sk...yes you must know it as well as me...Lol!

23 May, 2009


Wow! Wonderful photographs Janey! Looks like you had a super afternoon! I would love some of those gooseberries to make some jam - it is my second favourite (after raspberry!). Thanks for sharing your visit with us.
Mildred x

24 May, 2009


Oh Janey! How long I've been gone!! So so naughty am I!!

I love your blog and the pics are like a spring of refreshing water to my thirsty eyes and soul!

28 May, 2009


Oh, Gloria....there you are!! So pleased you are with us's that large garden in the Spring?

28 May, 2009


We have been in survival mode with this bad winter we have had and spring has not been good. Have agreed that this place is too much upkeep and too far from town. We have purchased a new home and are busy packing and clearing this one out so we can list it.
Will have new challenges for gardening but much more able to handle it. Lots of cement if you can believe it! From this to mostly cement! Container gardening, I'm back!!

29 May, 2009


Hi, Janey,

What a lovely blog, and your photos are's inspiring me to do one myself!

The pinky-purply plant with the ginko-like leaves is definitely thalictrum, and very pretty it is too. I bought one at a plant sale from nearby Fyvie Castle ( which MIGHT be the subject of my first blog, come to think of this space ) but its flowers are a rather lovely pale creamy-lime, not at all what I was expecting! I have the more usual lilac coloured one, so a different colour was most welcome, even though it came as a bit of a surprise!

Now...if only the sun would come out in Aberdeenshire, and if only I had some batteries for my camera, I could get off to Fyvie and take some photos for you all.....


25 Jul, 2009


Hi Bscott.......pleased you like the blog,......and for naming the Thalictrum, Bulbaholic has put its common name....Meadow Rue....:o) Your creamy lime one sounds beautiful would love to see it and some of your to be taken pics of Fyvie Castle..Lol! Hope you've some sun this weekend, we seem to have sunny mornings and then heavy showers in the afternoon, yesterday was torrential!

25 Jul, 2009

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