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Something nasty is afoot!


Well I couldn’t cope anymore seeing my lovely gravel looking in such a mess and after seeing last evening who could be to blame I decided enough is enough.

It appears a couple of blackbirds have been making short work of our bark chippings and not the local cats as I first thought, so I came up with the idea of putting a little barrier down and planting some lovely Greater Variegated Periwinkle all the way around the gravel edge once the periwinkle has grown I will remove the nasty ‘green stuff’ and be left with a little mini hedge.

Although I will have to keep clipping the periwinkle back on the gravel side it can run riot on the bark chippings and will act as a natural barrier against messy Mr & Mrs Blackbird.

Below is the side garden after todays work.

The periwinkles will not cost me a thing as we have quite a few in the garden so I will be able to take an awful lot of cuttings from them

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Most days I seem to be brushing bark chippings off the lawn back into the borders. I've seen the blackbirds vigoursly hurling the stuff all over the place.

1 Apr, 2008


Have you thought about using Vinca minor instead of Vinca major? It is a much better behaved plant and I saw some just today that looked absolutely lovely!

1 Apr, 2008


I know what you mean Poppy I really wouldn't have thought it was the birds if I wasn't talking about gardening to my 'mum' (hubby's mum really but I love her so very much that he calls her 'my mum lol) I was asking her how things were growing and while we talking I saw Mister Blackbird showing off to his wife the cheeky thing.....I was so shocked I had to go out and look just big the lumps were that he was rolling.....they were huge!

Sid you might very well be right the smaller variety would work better as you suggest but I have plenty of the 'major' knocking about so it would not cost me a thing to grow and also as it's a good 'doer' I will not have to wait too long before the 'green barrier' can be removed.

As I'm a kept woman (or domestic slave if you will) I have all the time in the world to spend in the gardens and I really relish spending hours on end in it no matter what the weathers like or what jobs there is to

2 Apr, 2008


Blackbirds and robins, thrushes too if you have them. Although once I discovered who the culprits were I was quite happy to let them root around. After all, the mulch reduces weeding dramatically, (not going to stop that!) and I enjoy the sounds of happy birds. Some of my blackbird pairs are already sitting on eggs and 'my' swallows are due around the 20th.

As another alternative to periwinkle Houttonia with its variegated red/yellow/green foliage makes an attractive ground cover, not quite so lateral though.

4 Apr, 2008


Iv this Vinca in my Swan Planter&also My Wheel Barrow Planter as i think it looks Fab Hanging:)

4 Apr, 2008


Muddy I'm sure you are right and I must admit I do love the songs the birds sing which is far better than my beloved's songs! lol.

Jacque now I really didn't think of putting Vinca's in a hanging basket I think I'll give that a go this year.Thanks for the tip sweetie I bet they look fab!

4 Apr, 2008

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