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Start off young.....


and they SHOULD help you out later on in your elderly years or at least one can hope they do! Lol.

Anyway I just know I might get some stick for this piece but please bare in mind it is only wrote very tongue-in-cheek although in time you will all see the way my sense of humour works….if only this forum had smilies it would make things so much easier!

Anyway here it comes I’m all for child labour (at least for our ) neieces and the wages I pay my little nieces are peanuts sometimes quite literally peanuts!

We had the two little ones round yesterday 4 year old Holly who is always willing to help out and boy is she a very strong little girl as slim as a snake also her little chunky sister Jade aka ‘Chuckie’ as she has cute curls just like Chuckie from the Rugrats although her curls are blonde not red she’s nearly 3 by the way and just a little bit on the lazy side….bless her cheeky ways!

Anyway they both came round to help their uncle Bob to cut the grass although I had to battle the lawn mower off Holly as she tries to have a go everytime although I must say she does a fine job when she’s allowed to mow.

Both the girls did a really smashing job sweeping up after their uncle what with Chuckie armed with her dustpan and brush (although she did slack off quite a few times to sit next to her beloved uncle) Holly had the long arm of the law aka the yard brush. We had a hunt for some ladybirds, spiders and things and then it was time to ‘pay’ them their wages a can of pop and a tube of sweets….one again these pennies of ours go a long way! ;0)

The grass looks far much better for the cut although true be told it would never be a show stopper what with the Yorkies and the little lasses running around the place and most of it’s going this year when we make a start after the greenhouse has gone up,
we have just ordered one it’s only a 8×6 that’s all we could squeeze into the space where it’s going and I’m so looking forward into removing all the seeds into their new home.

As I’ave said the grass will mostly go this year and be replaced with a jungle trail where hidden delights will surely enchant both old and young alike once again a safe garden with children in mind and of course the fun factor will be played upon.

Looks like we are in for another nice day no need to ask where I’ll be then.See you

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How lovely to have them close to you so they can 'help' you! My grandchildren are a delight when I see them but it's not often enough. Good luck with the greenhouse!

4 Apr, 2008


Sounds like you've got some good helpers there. I sometimes wish I had grandchildren. Nearest I have are a great nephew and niece, but they live in Harlow, not Wisbech. I have some friends who have some youngsters ranging from 5 - 10.

Your plans for a jungle trail sound interesting. Magic!

4 Apr, 2008


Yes the little ones are a huge help little Holly loves to get her hands dirty thank goodness that I had the good sense to have a collection of clothes in my home for both the girls otherwise they really would look like angels with dirty faces!

Another wonderful thing is that in the meantime of getting our own grandchildren our nieces can test drive our 'new' garden (when it's done) so we may iron out anything that is not as child friendly as we had hoped.

Len it's not always easy with little ones sweetie if fact sometimes it's a HUGE relief to see them go home! I know that sounds cheeky but it's the truth.:0)

Thanks Spritzhenry I'll be making sure hubby has plenty of cuppas waiting for him at each chill out time he takes when the greenhouse comes and I'll encourage him as best as I can....gotta keep him sweet as there is other plans in the works!Hel.xx.

4 Apr, 2008


Young1s Mmmmmmmm my children loved the garden & getting dirty when they were small,But their now16/17 & hate getting dirty hands so i have 2 do it all myself now which doesnt matter as i love getting arms deep in muck&hard work :)

4 Apr, 2008


Same here Jacque our two boys have forgotten all the joys of being in the garden and tend to be stuck online most of the time, but both lads are in higher education so we can't complain too much....although I'm pretty sure at least one of them will be enjoying mum and dad's had work while sitting outside in summer having a drink or two! ;0)

5 Apr, 2008

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