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Buckets full of rain


Well my beloved decided he would have to start the foundations for our new greenhouse and although he was only able to do a small amount of work (due to all the rain) he was really pleased with his work, it’s always handy to have a man about that’s good with his hands! Lol.

I in the meantime was busy planting a lovely red dogwood mini hedge (another bargain buy from Parkers) between one part of the garden and a very small veg plot.

I manged to sow some seeds in the veg plot and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that all will go well as it will be the first time in such a very long time I have grown some veg. The soil was improved and dug so many times that I lost count and the spade and fork easily gets lost with only the slightest nudge so I shouldn’t have too much of a problem there.

Weeds will not be a problem (at least for me) as it’s one of my most favourite things to do in the garden and it amazes me just how many people hate doing it….so as the saying goes have trowel will travel! ;o)

I will be having a go at growing a couple of salad hanging baskets this year and have an amazing amount of baskets to go at due to my bargain hunts from last year….just need hubby to do the drilling, once again those hubbies do have their uses!

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Ooooh Helen, wont be long now, a brand new greenhouse, lucky you, i hope it go's up ok, or bobs blood pressure will go sky hi, oh and cover your ears for the lovely words that could follow haha...but you know what hel you will wonder how you ever managed without it..Good luck Hel, and im sure your lovely boys will help out. Dee.

16 Apr, 2008


U Lucky Lady u iv had my green house in my shed still in Box Since April/May last year :( Trouble is My loved 1 works away all wk so sadly no time 2 put up4me:( Looks like il have 2 Ring some trades man 2 come do the job as i cant see it ever getting up till then ?

16 Apr, 2008


Dee I'm already well overdue with the greenhouse seed trays are appearing all over the place might even have to invade the boy's bedrooms at this rate which is something for only the brave! Lol. Not sure the boys will help out I mean that's outside work and too far away from their computers for them to function right! ;o)

I'm sure Bob will behave while putting up the greenhouse and if not there's always the whip handy and I can always sing a tune if the air gets a little blue......but to be honest I'm not too sure which is worst my singing or Bob's naughty words!

Jacque we have been ripped off so many times with paying for 'work' to be done that we simply refused to pay anymore.....thankfully Bob's always willing to have a go at things after all it saves him so much money (just costs a couple of cuppas) and he does take a pride in his

17 Apr, 2008


Well done Hel getting him out there and getting it done. Bacon sarnies are the bribe of choice over here!!

Jacque having seen your other work I'm sure you could manage to get the greenhouse up by yourself - maybe get a few friends round and have a greenhouse erecting party? You are handy so go girl!!

18 Apr, 2008


HHHHHhhhhhhhm now theres a Thought? iv got the instructions & i no how 2 read so theres a Start I wonder???????? its nice2no u have such Faith in me Maple :) il wait till better weather & see whats in the box ;)

18 Apr, 2008


I agree with Maple Jacque 'Girl Power' and all....go for it girl!

18 Apr, 2008

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