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Well hello all I’m pretty sure that in no time at all you will all come to know me quite well. I love nothing better than working away in the garden knee pads on, fleece zipped up tightly or at least on the cooler days and my loyal buddy my MP3 player!

I have to warn you I’m a bit of a looney tune but in a nice way of course after all it’s only one life we get so why not enjoy it!

We moved into our present home in May 2006 after being in our other home since we married way back in darkest 1983 it was sad to leave our garden as we all spent many a merry time in it over the years.

When our two boys came along (quite quickly I might add) we always made sure that our garden was for all of us and if some plants got trod on then no fuss was made after all they would always grow back.

Having our boys enjoying the garden with us was very fun and it’s really amazing how one can successfully adapt a garden round children.Bob my husband (very handy DIY wise) made the boys a HUGE sandpit so huge in fact that it was about 4ftx 10ft thank goodness for tarpaulins otherwise the local cats would have had a field day!

After the boys grew out of building sandcastles and car roads the pit was turned into a stunning Alpine bed.

Although our boys are still at home and show no hurry to move on both Bob and I intend to have our new gardens (lucky us we live on a corner and have front, side and a back gardens) to be child friendly as most of us knows a garden takes years to get there but children can pop up at anytime!

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hi welcome to goy,,,,,, ive found this a really helpfull and friendly site. you will be sure to make loads of friends here

30 Mar, 2008


Why thank you for the welcome Irish but are you sure you all can put up with me? ;0)

30 Mar, 2008


Hi and another welcome to G.O.Y !
Best wishes and Happy gardening,

30 Mar, 2008


Welcome to GOY and best of luck with your new gardens.

30 Mar, 2008


Nice to see you here Hel and I get the feeling you'll fit right in ;o ) Welcome to GOY

31 Mar, 2008


Hi Hel - another welcome from me - nice to meet you! Another Lab owner I see - only Henry is yellow. How old is yours?

31 Mar, 2008


Hey there I only joined today so i guess that makes me an April fool hehe!! Perfect company for a loony toon!! Just though i'd say a big hello from me and my pets and garden!! xx

1 Apr, 2008


Hi Hel

I appreciated your comments about my blog and garden on the other board. I am in the process of starting it all on this site, which is what I was REALLY looking for.

I had registered on here way back in January, but had forgotten all about it. Must have had a bit too much wine that night. So this is the site that will get most of my attention, or at least I intend to.


1 Apr, 2008


Thank you all you are a real friendly bunch and I sure hope that most of you are game for a laugh as I'm always doing something foolish in the garden whether it's hunting for slugs or just whipping my beloved hubby into shape!

Ickledigga that gave me a good giggle I can tell you and I will get on real fine! ;0)

Hi Ken who could forget your smiling face I think you're right this site appears to be more for the proper gardeners ones with hopes and dreams that does like to get their hands dirty instead of just talking about it and this one has so many lovely pictures something a nosy old gal like me just loves to see!

1 Apr, 2008


Yes Hel a big big welcome from me 2X

1 Apr, 2008

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