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By Carolyn


A lovely afternoon so made an effort in the garden dept. Visisted Homebase after checking out a few shops on the internet and finding they were all pretty similar in what they offered. Gosh the world of compost so many choices! I opted for the nearest shop with least amount of traffic lights, makes sense if you know Southampton. It turned out I thought a good choice, a nice shop assistant helped me collect 3 bags of homebase organic soil for fruit and veg £10 and two grow bags for my tomato’s. He took that to the till whilst I had a nice browse around the shop. Yes managed to find a bit more, a ph tester kit for soil, some activating stuff for the compost and some organic tomato feed. I feel set and ready to go, also got assistance to the car, and I thought I would add, they had the best seat on a trolley I have come across for an 8 month old ( this is an problem some places), the shop assistant even took my trolley back for me and got my pound and wouldnt accept a tip, we did swap gardening tips though :)

Well set to go go….

Now to get it out of the car the other end … to be cont…..

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