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fleeced up and scared of frogs


By Carolyn


Briefly heard on the radio that their would be frost tonight and four the next four days I think. Checked on bbc weather and looks the case early morning. So got out some fleece and other black coverning and put over my veggie plot holdng in place with nails and over fruit using pegs. the plot is coming on well, lots of plants up to 3/4 inches now, and noticed i have redcurrents/blackcureents and blueberries and strawberries all fruiting.

Also transferrred my fern to the pond area, had already moved a little shoot off of fern earlier in the week.they both look good. However I plucked up courage to dig around by the pond again a bit further back. The problem being I am scared of frogs jumping out or just staring at me and not moving. I know its silly but they make me jump and I find it difficult to go near them. Anyway think they were out for the day as managed to dig ok, In fact found one up the other end by the house in a pot instead and yes he made me jump. Hopefully he is keeping things clear of bugs so my clematis will grow again after being savaged by snails. Previously when I had been digging aroudn the fern to loosen earlier in the week, the frog was in it! I am sure he follows me around to suprise me. lol

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I'm going to be on tenderhooks tonight with all this talk of frost :-( You say for next 4 days?! Not sure my nerves will cope with it........

18 May, 2008


OMG frost:O iv not got enough to cover all my stuff outside :( il be on hooks along with u Sarah :(

18 May, 2008


The illustrious Alan wrote an article in the Sunday paper quote "now that the risk of frosts has passed it's time to plants out your tender plants:" unquote. I had already started - and did lots more yesterday - so they will just have to take their chance.

19 May, 2008


Havnt noticed any real frost ! I did put fleece all over too but better safe than sorry I guess. Today more chance of waterlogging, but I guess we need a bit of rain. Ooh and noticed my clematis now shooting up a little again, thought it was gone for good but now ooh at least 3/4 inches! lol And good news is there are not nearly as many snails and slugs as last year or I have mananged to depleat them or the frogs have. The passion flower is pulled down that used to house a lot of them it was on the fence that blew down.

26 May, 2008

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