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Fleece for the frost


By Carolyn


Any one putting fleeces on the clematis tonight lol. I got warned to being a frost tonight. So I have, especially as its budding and I have just moved it. Now worrying about other plants. I have just put my seeds in I know its late but hope they will be ok under their soil blanket :)

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isnt it strange carolyn, a few days ago we were seening wasps and bees and this weekend we will be seeing sleep, snow and icy roads.

5 Apr, 2008


Good luck. I was wondering if I should un wrap my banna plant today. I think he can wait another week or two. Then I get to see if he has survived.

5 Apr, 2008


Usually Clematis are reasonably hardy, and will survive frosts without the need to cover them in fleece, but we could still have frosts throughout April.It tends to be milder here in Bristol in the South West of the U.K but our Clematis have survived some very cold winters.We never fleece them or protect them in any way.If your Clematis are very young plants or are growing in pots at the moment, or are in a very open space they may need protection by fleecing them and moving them to a more sheltered spot until they become established. Another factor to consider is their location.If they are near the house or in a sheltered postion already they will already be receiving some protection.
So much depends on where they are growing and how they are being grown.Hope this helps,
Best wishes,

5 Apr, 2008


I lost one of my new Coprosmas in the last hard frost - so I have been out and popped cloches over the others. Everything else will have to take its chance!

5 Apr, 2008

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