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Square foot plot -getting crowded and green


By Carolyn


My seeds are growing, the lettuces, some three types are nearly ready to pick and come again. Have started thinning out the other various vegetables as far too many in them according to the book/blog on square foot gardening. Now I am worried my little seedling s will survive they look so small by themselves (pak choi, cabbages, beetroot, spinach)

I have gone into overflow pots and have given some away to family and friends in pots – just the lettuce at the moment. I stil have aubergines to go out, and celery and corn, they are in my plastic greenhouse at the moment getting a wee bit bigger and until may is out, oh and keeping the tomatoes company.

So glad of the late light nights now, so I can water the plot and my pots and rest of the garden,its my wind down to the day, and beats the tv!

The fruit bushes (red/black currents, blueberries and stawberries) are looking promising, all growing and flowering. Have nets a ready.

I have snail/slug pellets organic all around, but not on the patch, it seems a bit much at the moment to spend out on nema… the biological one, well I might as well go to tesco with cost of them. I must admit I have also resorted to slinging the snails over my next door neighbours garden which is one lawn and and not gardened/looked after much as rented, quite a waste, but then good for snails as far as I can see, even if they do make a slow crawl back. I still have a bag of soot to try out against further attack, but holding back due to expected mess it will make.

Looking forward to making green salads soon

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That really the hardest part Carolyn you ve loved them tended them then you pull them out! Well done manys the time i coulndnt bear to do it and ended up with a mass of sub standard plants instead of fewer better specimens! As for snails I inherited a pretty overgrown garden but also several thrushes which do sterling work on got a corner you can let grow wild?Nettles great for butterflies caterpillars birds etc reluctant to use pellets as dont know what they do to birds that eat snails.

7 May, 2008


Hi I did pull them out but couldnt bare to throw them out so replanted elsewhere thats why so many. But guess a few will take.

My wild corner has snails in too. Good idea though. I do have a butterfly bush that is growing back slowly from its cut back last year. Anyway I just checked the packet, and ok for animals and children which is good but it doesnt say birds! or frogs //toads for that matter (I do have a few) am feeling bad now, as I have noticed more birds this last year or so, maybe as more trees around. I do put fat balls out for them. I wonder if too much salt would be bad for birds like it is humans, as my partner just suggested stickly tape with salt on it round the perimiter, and I guess soot is carsanogenic.

7 May, 2008


I quite agree with you about the tv Carolyn. I can't stand the rubbish that's on it. I spend most of my time in the garden whenever I can. It's much more relaxing, interesting, and healthier.
I must say I've also used slug pellets on times. I try to hide them in the hope that the snalis will die out of sight of any birds, and not get eaten, but most birds in my garden are small, like sparrows etc and I don't think they eat snails anyway.
Good luck with your vegies. I'm sure they'll be delicious.

7 May, 2008


what a productive little plot it's amazing what you can squeeze in! I'm itching to plant out all goodies which have all exploded into growth with all this sunshine but I'm holding back til June this year as I'm not risking all my precious plants to Mr Frost! Its getting a bit of a squeeze tho!

7 May, 2008


Thanks for the warning, I think I have some fleece somewhere just in case, and I check the weather on bbc perhaps I willl start looking more often and now at night!

I rescused a slug this morning and put it in the compost heap, feel good about that, sure he will be happy munching away in there where I dont mind him doing his best.

I am now trying to find lots of see through plastic bottles too as cloches, it does seem to be helping them grow too as well as ward off any nasties.

Have salad leaves now for a green salad.

7 May, 2008

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