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Raised vegetable Plot


By Carolyn


Well not logged in in a while, gosh some people have been busy it seems. It seems to have got very rainy down here in Southampton, and thus not much progress at all on the veggie patch. Just my thoughts, and noticed if I get a sudden dash of movement on that front I might get some winter onions in, that would be great.

My last visit to the garden centre resulted on checking out the christmas decorations, I do find they have some great displays, I was in Haskins. And also a fab display of orchids this time of year. Got some orchid food as I have a few bedraggled specimens, and they had good offers on that drip feed the plants, I willl let you know if they flower!

My pile of branches and leaves is going down a bit, and now got two bags from the council to recycle. Our council do recycled compost too, which I bought this year, worked out about £4 a bag (lge) and they delivery it free, worked out well, as its always a hastle getting it back from the garden centre as there are never staff when you want them, and great to have it there when I needed it especially as pregnant at the time.

Well I shall do some planning I think and some reading for the time being as rain forecast for the next week. At mo reading Alan Titchmarsh -How to be a gardener back to basics, which is quite good.

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Hi Carolyn, yes big wash out is also going on here in Essex, and we are also trying to build a raised bed. my boyfriend has been and got all of the stuff to build a little brick wall to go all around it - it's for my Rhododendrons. i bought loads of them in the spring because i really love them, but i have since found out they are toxic,- and i have a 2 1/2 year old daughter who is into everything! so i have got him on a project in the front garden, (we don't let her out there!) which was all paved. He has now dug a big hole in the crazy paving (really dislike it anyway) and it is going to house my Rhodo, and Azalea collectiion. but kind of at a stand still because of this weather. what a pain!

20 Nov, 2007


Weather also wet, chilly and dreary down in the SW. I've been catching up with my tottering pile of gardening magazines, cutting out useful articles to file. My friend likes to take them from me then she passes them on to another friend. They swear they don't mind the missing bits! Had about 45 minutes in the garden before it rained again, rescued 4 fuchsias from the pot that blew over (and broke) in the last winds. Husband says he'll try to mend it. Looks too bad to me. :-(

20 Nov, 2007

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