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By Dreams

Oxfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

I planted two small grasses in my garden last year as I was told that they are slow growing but this year they are near to my knee high and I would not want them getting any bigger is it possible to give them a trim.. sorry about the picture but it was raining and windy when it was taken..




yes ofcourse you can.if you look on my photos you will see a planter i called a punk pot.i cut that to whatever haircut i fancy.its in a lot if not all grasses life cycle to be eaten or burnt.i dont know if it will look very pretty in your situation and it is what it its gonna grow back at least as big as it is now.looking at the grass it looks fully mature .id be inclined in your situation to love it as it is or in winter maybe move it somewear more apropriate.ive got a story about believing what people say.i sore an ornimentle grapevine this time at swallow aquatics and loved it.i needed something vigouras and wanted something a bit different me being me.i went over and read the label as you do.i read down to the size and it said grows up to 90 feet.i thaught wow doesnt that grow big ideal and some .it will do everything i want and some which it has done now.anyway it only had a latin name and im dyslexic .the price wasnt on it so i went to see the head of gardening .i saked as i pointed towards this vine i fancied " how much is that grapevine over there that grows 90 feet with the lovley big leaves.she looked at me a bit old fashioned and walked over chuckling while saying scornfully 90 feet as if i made it up.i had to chuckle when she read down the label to 90 feet out loud.didnt she have to eat a large portion of humble pie. my point is you cant just believe what people pet hate is people in a job wear they dont know what there doing ow and people who dont indicate lol.take care bye for now

7 Jun, 2009


As far as I know, you cannot cut back evergreen grasses only deciduous ones. What did your plant do in winter? Turn golden brown and look 'dead' or hold onto its leaves? If the latter, I would suggest you don't cut it back. Looks rather lovely to me.

7 Jun, 2009


sorry to rain in your bonfire but lawns are ever green and the grass animals graze on ie cut back are ever green.its part of there life cycle loulou . i think you mite have it the wrong way round lol

7 Jun, 2009


I don't think I have Noseypotter!

7 Jun, 2009


so is the lawn not green or not evergreen ? lou

7 Jun, 2009


The grass you have looks like Stipia Tennuissima and it should not get taller than that. I wouldn't recommend cutting it.

8 Jun, 2009


i wouldnt as it will look nasty but ya could

8 Jun, 2009


If it gets too big, dig it up and split it, you will get several other plants and they will spread again. They are taller at the moment because they are producing the flower/seed heads

9 Jun, 2009

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