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I am a first time grower of veg and have a small plot in my garden which is doing really well. However, I don't think I have allowed my cauliflowers enough depth to grow, the tops are growing great guns and I wonder if I would risk losing them if I moved them to deeper soil in order to give them more room to grow?



well if the tops are growing great guns and thats the bit you eat what is giving you the idea you havnt left enough for moving them as a general rule and i use that term loosly winter or spring is the best time to move a plant but you mite be able to.i moved a well established pot grown fatsia once from one house to another about a mile away.nothing had changed apart from the move but it didnt even like that and slowlley but surley died

7 Jun, 2009


If I were you I would leave well alone. There will be one of two outcomes, good or bad - either way as a beginner you will have learned a lesson that you can share with others. Also, there is always next year, good luck!

7 Jun, 2009


here here chris

7 Jun, 2009

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