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Please help - our two dogs have turned our lawn into a patchwork quilt

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The lawn is covered in yellow patches, so can anyone advise us how to get rid of the patches and grow new grass?



There is a lot about this subject a few days back if you can go through the last few pages, but you will be wasting your time treating the lawn as the dogs will continue to do the damage, the main thing is to find out why the dogs have such a high ph level, and see if that can be rectified.The question was asked on the 10th May. Good Luck..

12 May, 2009


It's me again! thinking on this subject of burn marks on the lawn, the first thing I would do is take a soil test of your lawn. It may be that
with 2 dogs and a small area of lawn the ground has become very acid through the constant urinating over a period of time, which would cause an in balence of the soil.
7 is Neutral, if it is too acid it would be below 7. ranging from 0 - 7 showing you how acid it is. If it is very acid to help to rectify that, spread some line (Being Alcoline) on the lawn to help balence the soil. See then if the dogs have the same effect. I think this will be your simplest first step.

12 May, 2009


How about keeping the dogs off the lawn!!

12 May, 2009


I was going to say get rid of the dogs, but that's perhaps a bit harsh :-)

12 May, 2009


Hi Moira, i have the same problem, just patched a bit in my new front lawn, and a whole side in my back lawn, ive started to add Tomato sauce in my dogs food (bitch) to neutralise the acid, so im hoping it will work Sooooon, or i will have to continue patching my lawn Annualy..

12 May, 2009

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