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By Howee74

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Hi, im after some advice about Sarracenia - i grow them in a large container, theyre in the correct mix of peat, sand and perlite, theyre in a mostly sunny spot and i keep them moist with rainwater - however they dont seem to do much and any new growth looks deformed (no trumpets)- any advice anyone???



There is a member on GOY who is a specialist and is called Sarraceniac. He gave me advice on how to plant and divide mine. At the moment mine look a bit like yours. Perhaps its too early in the season for them. If he doesnt spot this question I will contact him and tell him about it. We could both benefit from his advice.

12 May, 2009


Hi Howee. If you would like to post some pictures of your sarras and then contact me by PM I will do what I can. Have you any sphagnum moss in your mix? Remember that it is still very early in the growing season.

13 May, 2009

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