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does weed killer get rid of brambles and thistles?

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I have a large area of my garden that is overgrown with thistles and brambles. Will normal weed killers you can buy in garden centres do the trick or do I need something more sophisticated?



depends how quickly you want to replant - best method is digging, but you'll probably find you need to poison the woody rootstock of brambles with SBK. Thistles go down forever and you need to get all the root out or they just regrow, though you could try glyphosphate on these. The other method is to cover the area with thick black plastic for a year, tightly, and deal with what's left next year.

12 May, 2009


A product called Bramble Killer Ultra has been recommended to me by a friend who said it worked very well in her garden, better than anything else she had tried.

I think I would still cut down and dig out as much as I could first and then use this on any new young growth that appears.

I have just got myself a spray gun of it from my local garden centre and will try it today on some of the new young bramble leaves I can see coming through.

12 May, 2009


They will work but with nettles and brambles but you've got to be patient!! Brambles don't just cause havoc overground but they are also creating a jungle of roots underground and it is these roots that you need to get rid of.

My parents had a problem with brambles at the end of their allotment so i offered to help them (silly me). We cut back all the growth and treated the stems with a weedkiller, the brambles shooted again but after a couple of goes we managed to the clear the area. I think it was Roundup that we used, one that was specific to plants with deep roots.

Good luck, it'll be worth it in the end! Honest

12 May, 2009


We cut off most of the growth on the brambles we had and then painted glyphosate on the cut end of the stem - it did the trick!

12 May, 2009


I've had this very same problem myself and found this product in my local gardening centre - seemed to do the trick and haven't had any problems since...

13 May, 2009


if I use roundup for getting rid of brambles will it affect the small fir trees in the in the same area, or how long before I can replant them.

25 Aug, 2009


Same question as Perkycat really. If I use a weed killer on the brambles I have, will it affect the holly bush and plants and hedges around? I would hate to kill my neighbours hedge! (brambles are in a corner of the garden near a holly bush on our side and my neighbours hedge running as a territory line up separating the two houses)?

22 Apr, 2010


My neighbour over the back has erected a shed behind my high fence, but there is a very large bramble bush that he hasn't uprooted and got rid of. It is now growing through the fence into my garden. Who is responsible for it and if it's him (which I think it is) what if he won't do anything about it ?? Where do I go from there ??

16 Jul, 2011

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