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my garden smells after my dogs used it for the toilet i clean it up but can still smell a while after, what can i do to make my garden smell better? thank you



the obvious answer is to get rid of the dog, but that's not what I'm suggesting! Try hosing the area down after you've cleared away what's been produced, including hosing areas where he's urinated.

18 Jan, 2010


Is your dog drinking enough water? if he isnt this may make his urine stronger

18 Jan, 2010


jeyes fluid is very good or a strong indoor disinfectent and or bleech.just do it regulerly and ofcourse water it down or hose it afterwoulds.i run my 5 dogs on concrete which also stops me hardly ever hafting to cut there nails with a drain away of soil right at the end and i keep the dogs of my part of the garden . your never going to totaly lose the smell but if your like me the love of your pet is at least as importent as your garden if not more .ive actualy built and planned my garden to include a 2000 gallon pond ,the dogs my area with an elephant chimnea and a soon to be pagoda and patio .theres normaly a way of sorting anyproblem without being to drastic.if you need any more help or ofcourse your dog is on your lawn and you need a hand im more than willing to help .take care bye for now.theres definatly plenty of other people on here with pooches so dont worry.drc is right to.

18 Jan, 2010


pine disifection no harm to anyone the dog wont minde the smell and ask the vet for a laxative for the dog as they should not smell like that.

20 Jan, 2010

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