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By Amelia

West Midlands, United Kingdom Gb

When will my fushcia show signs of life re-sprouting flowering?

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Hi amelia and welcome to our friendly GOU are your fuchsias in doors or out.?my indoor ones are very slow this year but there's time yet. try scraping the bark gently with your thumb nail, if its green then it's alive. hope this is helpful. :))

18 Apr, 2010


If its in the ground and its a hardy fuchsia, these are usually quite late, and even later this year. You should be seeing tiny signs of growth within the next 2 weeks. If it was in a pot and outside all winter, it might be dead.

18 Apr, 2010


i have just got signs of life from the soil level in the last week so any time really from now on.

18 Apr, 2010


My outdoor ones are just starting too,albeit,on some,you almost need a magnifying glass to see them,at the base...but,there they are..Yippee.!

19 Apr, 2010

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