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By Alif

Argyll, Scotland Sco

If I add manure to the veg patch now, won't the goodness get washed away y the time its needed in rainy Argyll?



if you are going to plant greens ,you are too late leave it untill the back end ,if you are talking potatoes thench put manure in the bottom with a little soil over it so that it dose not tuch the sets, carrots and other roots unles you want forked or mishapes do not put manure in ,so with the exception of patatoes all ways dig it in at the backend of the year so that worms and others can turn it in to usefull food for your crops,by the spring and early summer.

26 Jan, 2010


oh dear, but glad I asked. thanks, Cliffo

26 Jan, 2010


Cliffo is spot on too late to manure apart from potato trenches.

26 Jan, 2010


guess i'll have great spuds!

26 Jan, 2010


Your beans will benefit from a similar treatment to potatoes!

27 Jan, 2010


Ian good thinking I forgot all about them,just think bacon new potatoes and broad beans with a little butter melted on the beans and potatoes,

27 Jan, 2010


runner beans are my absolute favourite so thats good news! Thanks Ian

27 Jan, 2010


Any time Alif, your welcome!

27 Jan, 2010

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