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strange exotic plant in my garden

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This is my first summer in this house and I have a strange, exotic plant growing in the garden. It is about 2ft tall, stinks of rotting flesh and attracts flies. Can you identify it please? Thanks, Julia




it looks like a titan arum,, they smell of rotten flesh

6 Jun, 2008


Think it is actually Sauromatum venosum rather than the Titan Arum. For a start the titan arum is extremely large and rather rare. It could be Arum purpurescens, but I would need to see the leaves to be more positive.

6 Jun, 2008


i dont know what it is but i think its wonderful

6 Jun, 2008


i googled titan arum lol,,, seems you can buy seeds from nurseries, there are some small varieties aswell as the larger ones. dont know anything about sauromatum venosum... does it stink like the arum?

6 Jun, 2008


I think it is dranunculus vulgaris (Dragon Arum), a tuberous perennial, native to the Mediterranean region and fairly readily available in the UK

6 Jun, 2008


aye it looks like the dragon one alright andrew, plus that gives off a putrid smell too

6 Jun, 2008


Silly me , but why would anyone want such a distastful smelling "flower?" in their garden. We have enuf flies in Texas without growing plants that attract them!!! I would dig it up and hand carry it to the dump (wrapped in a burlap bag of course so as not to get any on me!!! LOLOL

Miss Flitterbug

9 Jun, 2008


It is Dragon Arum. I go to google and saw this same flower. Do some web search. Do not throw this away. A lot of biologist or collectors would like to see it. You can show this plant in the Garden show, har har may be you can make some money. This is a rare plant as per Google.

2 Dec, 2008

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