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By Pam24

London, United Kingdom Gb

Has anyone ever managed to grow a Loquat seed and been successful? (Eriobotrya japonica) I have 3 small plants in the greenhouse and want to know what to do next!!!




Yes, I've grown these in pots and I'm itching to get one into the ground, but I'm threatened with divorce if I do as our garden is mainly turned over to veggies and a tree to the size that this would grow would overshadow everything. I've seen these trees growing in the southern regions of Spain, complete with fruits (which are delicious and known as Nispero) but I live in hope that I'll be able to grow on my poor pot-trapped plant!

4 Apr, 2011


They'll probably need to stay in the greenhouse during frosty weather, Pam, but you might want to start hardening them off for moving outside, soon. They look like they could stay in those pots until late summer, then bump them up to ones 5-10 cm bigger. In the meantime, I would feed them regularly with a balanced fertilizer with micronutrients. If fireblight is a problem in the area, do a preventative spray with copper soap, or Bordeaux mix. After 3-4 years in increasing pots, they may start blooming in the fall (September or October). If pollinated, they will produce fruit (of variable quality) around March or April.

4 Apr, 2011


Thanks for the advice, sounds like a good idea to keep this plant in a pot at the moment, it's certainly exciting growing something different.....! Lets hope they survive the cold weather. :)

4 Apr, 2011


They can take frost down to -3.3ยบ C with no damage. They will survive lower temperatures, but only at the cost of the growing tips.

5 Apr, 2011


It's a really warm sunny day today and the Loquat plants have been standing just outside the greenhouse to harden them off, for about 2 weeks now. So I thought I would pot one of them on and stand it on the patio where it will get lots of light, heat and space to grow!! It will be a conversation piece too, when we have visitors.They are still very healthy looking and are producing new leaves....

19 Apr, 2011

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