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When is the right time to harvest horseradish?

Essex, United Kingdom Gb

I planted a few roots in a pot from a large amount bought from Sainsburys and it's taken off with absolutely no attention on my part. I'm very glad I did not plant it out.

Anyway the leaves are dying back and I wondered if anyone knew when I should harvest the roots?


On plant Horseradish



Be warned - if you ever DO plant Horseradish out - make sure it is FAR AWAY from drains!! They can break in and block them in a matter of months!!
Now that the leaves have gone yellow - you can tip out the pot and harvest what you need and then re-pot what is complete roots or chop the roots into 6" pieces and plant vertically - to increase your stock. With a bit of luck - you could get a nice little crop of young leaves to use in your salad if you do it now. Nippy but nice!!

6 Aug, 2009


Thanks Alzheimer - I definitely think it's ready to harvest now and there is absolutely no fear about me ever planting it out as I was warned about its vociferous nature!

6 Aug, 2009


Glad to hear it ....our costs to repair the drain were HORENDOUS!!!!!

6 Aug, 2009

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