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to pollinate or not to pollinate that is my question?

Massachusetts, United States Us

now I'm not around my patio plants to often(only after i get home fromworkevery day) and i dont see many bees or bugs to pollinate my beauties so my questions is should i try to pollinate them myself and how. I have carrots green beans peppers(sweetbanana, green and yellow bellas well as hot), 8 corn stalks, grapes,rasberries, strawberries, strazzberries,peas , tomatoes, cherry tomatoes and cumcumbersand squash



Can you see any fruit forming on your plants Lovegreen? You should be seeing some fruit formation on your toms and peppers by now. You can pollinate your peppers, cucumbers, squash and tomatoes using a small soft bristle paint brush (for painting pictures not houses!! lol). Just tickle the inside of the flowers with the brush and the pollen will stick to the bristles. As you move to the next flower the pollen is passed along. I use this method to pollinate my peppers which are growing in the greenhouse and don't get many insect visitors.

20 Jul, 2009

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