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About my grape vine

hampshire, United Kingdom Gb

Can anybody tell me about growing the grapes as i have had this vine for about 10 years and i have ask many people. how to prune it but it just dont seem to do what it should do .I also have two others that are much the same.



I was going to give my own explanation but this is much clearer

19 Jul, 2009


many thanks for your help
Moon grower. chadwell.

19 Jul, 2009


You are welcome

20 Jul, 2009


We grow a Pinot Noir grape outdoors. It fruits freely. Trunk about 4 inches wide and 30 feet long under the front of a canopy. After the leaves have done their autumn display. All this years shoots are taken right back to the main stem. As the fruits develope I just snip away just beyond each bunch. That way you get bigger bunches and the vine does not get in the kitchen! Established vines can take severe pruning, as you can see in vineyards. It's the root that does all the work. We neither feed nor water the vine. Hope this is a help.

22 Jul, 2009


Many thanks for the information.
your grape vine sounds a lot like mine
I will try doing the same thing and see if it helps.Chadwell.

23 Jul, 2009


When is the right time to cut .Ridge it is the firest time my husband has grown them and he not to sure.Chadwell

31 Jul, 2009

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