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Mama grape-vine is producing!


In the undeveloped property next to my house, there is a huge wild grapevine that grows all through the native tree tops.
Last year I carefully followed the vine’s branches to see where it was growing from the ground. The main trunk where she meets the ground is about 3 inches in diameter and looks just like all of the other trees until you follow where the growth goes.
To make a long story short,
Her base was only 75 feet from my house and I have been sneaking my 100ft garden hose to her base and watering her for the last year. My wife would kill me if she knew this!
I have also prepared the vine’s entry area with some very rich organic soil amendments that I had laying around.
This year “mama grapevine” rewarded me with the best tasting wild grapes that I have ever tried! A tad sour, but very yummy!

“Mama plant” spreads out over 1/4 acre up in the trees and is producing grapes like this:

What a great harvest this will be!

This is the first year that her grapes have developed to the “purple stage” and have tasted so good.
Gotta love it!

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Do you know how to make wine?

12 Jul, 2010


Can you layer a vine? so that it starts to grow in your garden they look lovely with that 'bloom'

12 Jul, 2010


just what i was thinking--- both of you !! :0)))

12 Jul, 2010


Lucky you. Does your wife know yet that you've been sneaking the water? Lol :o))

12 Jul, 2010


Oh, yum. I planted 3 concord grape vines last year. Two were destroyed by turtles, but the 3rd is huge and growing and growing every day. It's almost like kudzu! Can't wait for those grapes!

12 Jul, 2010


Humm! Wild grape wine...
Yes, I know how to ferment grapes and other fruits into wine.
The wild grape wine would certainly have a "tangy" taste!
I might try that! ;-)
Great idea Heron!

13 Jul, 2010


Lindalooloo, the water was the least of my concerns. I have been "borrowing" some sugar from my wife's humming bird mix to rev up the biological activity around the vine's base. {sinister grin}

13 Jul, 2010


hahaha Lol :o)))

13 Jul, 2010


The local Grackles have taken a liking to the fresh grapes and are EVERYWHERE! There are half-eaten grapes all over the ground..
Our yard used to be full of White-Wing Doves and the black-birds have taken over, hogging the bird baths and splashing all of the water out of them..

Mother nature is SO cool to watch.

14 Jul, 2010


Our grape looks similar to your wild one N2 (Pinot Noire). Ours was starting to travel too... into next door....about 50 to sixty feet long. We had the wild bit chopped off, down to about 35 feet, and the grape crop this year has been fantastic. We still have fall colour to enjoy. Then sadly it gets taken back to the main stem which is as thick as my wrist. The stem out of the ground is getting very large. I shall miss all that lovely fringe of leaves. No starlings seem to have eaten the grapes this year so far

27 Oct, 2010


Good news!
I have found out that my particular grape vine is the "Mustang" type that grows wild in Texas and there are many recipes on the net for making "Mustang wine" from the native grapes. From what I have read, the fermenting process takes the natural sour taste out of the Mustang grapes.. This'll be fun next growing season!

29 Oct, 2010


What a fantastic name for a galloping grape... Mustang.....enjoy the wine. Our grapes are very juicy and sweet...... Thinking of putting them in the juicer then filtering them......lot of work to drink as grape juice.

29 Oct, 2010

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