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any tips for a south facing scottish garden right on the beach


By Pamg

east midlands, United Kingdom Gb

very windy, wet and sandy! on gulf stream but gets frost
and winds can be cold and strong locally gorse, rugosa roses and kniptofia run wild screening isn't possible
thought of grasses/ cordyline etc?



Grasses and Cordyline are good. How about Eleagnus, Griselinia, Tamarix, Olearia, Osmanthus.

Do you mean you can't have anything as screening?

Most Eucalyptus are great, Escallonia, Brachyglottis, Rosmarinus.

They are just the shrubby stuff. Plenty of herbaceous too. Will add after others contribute...or don't.

19 Jul, 2009


we have a small drystone wall thats all and don't really want to interrupt the view, large trees evenshrubs would (i think) end up horizontal

20 Jul, 2009


When you say a small, drystone wall, what does that mean exactly? Are you asking for small plants that you can insert between the bricks? Is it a double wall with room for planting in the top? How long is the wall and is there any soil in it?

20 Jul, 2009


just below waist height with grass and a small garden in front of the property, behind the wall some bulbs and hardy geranium grow but most thing suffer salt and wind damage

20 Jul, 2009


Little list of low growing things that might suit: Armeria maritima, aubretia, artemisia, centaurea, iberis, dianthus, geranium, linum, sedum, sempervivum, euphorbia, eryngium, nepeta, stachys, veronica, plus Cordyline and Phormium, Senecio, Yucca (last four, obviously, are larger) All coastal growers.

21 Jul, 2009

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